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News : Local Last Updated: Jan 26th, 2015 - 07:46:17

JSE stocks pick 2015
By Marston Gordon
Jan 26, 2015, 07:30

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2014 Review
Average price appreciated by 5.05% on the main market in 2014 with gains ranging from 200.00% to 0.97% and an advance decline ratio of 11:18.


The outcome of our 2014 selection was:

            Ciboney Group           40.00%           (3rd place)

            Hardware & Lumber   30.16%           (5th place)       

            Pan Jam Investment    11.32%          

            Pulse Investments       (59.77)%

Seprod Limited           30.48%           (4th place)


2015 Picks


-Caribbean Cement
Although the earnings per share for the 9 months to September 2014 is down by over 50% compared to the comparative quarter, the cash flow is now positive. The fall in energy prices will help to offset the negative impact of the falling dollar and stymie the competition from imports. The company has passed the worst and with recent changes to the board the future looks positive.


-Kingston Wharves
The sale last year of National Commercial Bankís interest to Seaboard Corporation and Jamaica Producers Group has brought more expertise to the operation of the company. In addition, the new total logistics facility that is under construction will offer higher level of service with better margins. At the current price with a negative share premium and future prospect, this stock is a definite buy.


-Pan Jam Investment
We are disappointed in the stock price appreciation of $6 in 2014 and again select the company as a buy in 2015. The net book value per share has grown to over $88 from $75 in 2014 that is twice the stock price appreciation. Dividend has increased by 30% to $2.65 per share.


-Pulse Investments
It is the worst performing stock on the JSE in 2014. And not only that, the company has been suspended (again and again) for failure to file its financial statement. The shameless Mr. Kingsley Cooper continues to hold the post as Chairman of the Entertainment Advisory Board, a board under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment. This says so much for fit and proper. An excellent take-over target for foreign company in the model search, advertising and entertainment business. At the current price of $0.35 it is an excellent buy if it ever trades again.


-Supreme Ventures

Somehow the more desperate the person the more they gamble, I guess they reason that itís the less they have to lose. On the contrary, the amount at risk is a greater percentage of their disposable income (not wealth) and represents a greater loss. I donít buy lotto and I discourage everyone I know that does because it is a one draw game. Invariably the people that buy lotto donít buy stocks because they say itís too risky.
Supreme Ventures continue to chalk up the profit while rationalizing its operation. The stock price fell by 28% in 2014 and dividend was down 16.6%. For those seeking rehabilitation buy the stock at $2.00 and earn the dividend, last yearís payout was $0.20 per share and the stock is still yours, you donít have to keep buying it.



Source: Jamaica Stock Exchange

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