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News : World Last Updated: Feb 12th, 2015 - 05:41:58

Spare the ass
By Marston Gordon
Feb 12, 2015, 05:32

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I wonder if children these days are exposed and required to read stories with life lessons. For sure, those now in positions of leadership read them but have apparently forgotten considering some of the most ridiculous things they want to implement.


The man, the boy and the donkey
This fable ascribed to Aesop, a slave and story teller believed to have lived in ancient Greece between 560 and 620 BC, as the story goes-

“A man and his son were once going with their donkey to market. As they were walking along by his side a countryman passed them and said, "You fools, what is a donkey for but to ride upon?" So the man put the boy on the donkey, and they went on their way.

But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said, "See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides."

So the man ordered his boy to get off, and got on himself. But they hadn't gone far when they passed two women, one of whom said to the other, "Shame on that lazy lout to let his poor little son trudge along."

Well, the man didn't know what to do, but at last he took his boy up before him on the donkey. By this time they had come to the town, and the passersby began to jeer and point at them. The man stopped and asked what they were scoffing at.

The men said, "Aren't you ashamed of yourself for overloading that poor donkey of yours -- you and your hulking son?"

The man and boy got off and tried to think what to do. They thought and they thought, until at last they cut down a pole, tied the donkey's feet to it, and raised the pole and the donkey to their shoulders. They went along amid the laughter of all who met them until they came to a bridge, when the donkey, getting one of his feet loose, kicked out and caused the boy to drop his end of the pole. In the struggle the donkey fell over the bridge, and his forefeet being tied together, he was drowned”.


Corporal punishment
The moral of the preceding story is that trying to please everyone, you will please no one.
The lesson from my perspective is that there is a natural order to things that should be adhered to.

Last week Pope Francis stated that it was okay to spank kids and it caused consternation around the world.
The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child is urging Jamaica to pass laws to abolish corporal punishment as they consider it as violence against children.

So then if children should not receive corporal punishment (flogging) then it should be abolished unless of course there is another group of people who should. Since children will grow up to be adults the mere retention of corporal punishment implies that it be based on age.


Bending the tree
Our Justice system operates on the notion of “innocent until suspected or accused”. When a suspect is detained the interrogation process often involves infliction of pain to so call extract the truth. Even in the land of the free (America) they have instituted enhanced interrogation like “waterboarding” to obtain confession, yet study after study shows that these techniques are unreliable. It seems to me that flogging children as a form of punishment are a lot smarter than flogging them as adults when there is little to no hope of modifying behavior.


Sparing the rod
The role of the village in the upbringing of children has diminished and that of the school has been systematically weakened by government. Add to this the rise of single working parent to nurture their offspring alone. The psychology thing will not cut it as children are born way smarter than adults, what a 2 year old can do on an IPod an adult twenty times that age has difficulty learning.


Source: Joseph Jacobs, The Fables of Æsop (London: Macmillan and Company, 1902), no. 63, pp. 149-51, Wikipedia

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