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News : Local Last Updated: Mar 31st, 2018 - 10:38:19

Clarkes on the wrong foot
By Marston Gordon
Mar 31, 2018, 10:32

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Human fascination with celebrity knows no bound. The Roman satirist Juvenal, commenting on the limited desire of the Roman populace said “two things only the people anxiously desire bread and circuses”.

It is bewildering that in 1981 the world was consumed with the wedding of Princess Diana to Prince Charles of Britain, then that of their sons Prince William (2011) and now Prince Harry (2018). Not to mention the royal babies that follow. How in this day and age, in a supposedly meritocratic society we have a class of people who inherit untold wealth, pay no taxes and are largely funded by the state yet the masses who work for a living, pays income and inheritance tax is content with this arrangement.

Bad man policing and Army men
The overwhelming support afforded by the Jamaican public to the persona of bad man policing go back to the early 1960s with Joe Williams. He is reputed to turn up at dances telling men wearing Clarks shoes (mostly worn by rude boys) to go to one side of the room and the ones with other footwear to another side. Those without shoes were questioned as thieves.
We have seen other policemen of similar stature in the likes of Keith “Trinity” Gardener, Bigga Ford, Karate Georgie and Reneto Adams. The public recently clamoured for the return of Adams to the force to fill the post of Commissioner of Police. The post was awarded to another army officer, it again a fallacy to crime fighting; we have had seven army officers in that position before him and to no avail.

Political circus
Dr. Nigel Clarke is the latest super hero to be parachuted into representational politics with grand fanfare. Similar excitement surrounded the appointment of Don Wehby to the Senate by the Jamaica Labour Party government in 1997. The People’s National Party did the same public relations stunt with Claude Clarke in 1989, which got to his head and contributed to his dismissal a year later for reputably returning a donor’s contribution. Uncle Claude is a valuable resource for Nigel.

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