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News : World Last Updated: Oct 28th, 2021 - 05:52:05

Breeding poverty
By Marston Gordon
Oct 28, 2021, 05:36

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Most things in life are simple; they are governed by universal rules which humans somehow considers themselves exception to, so they go along their merry way ending on the wrong side of outcomes.

Sex and pregnancy
There are adverse risks to all things in life and there is nothing 100% risk free regardless of what precaution (protection) is taken. And since it’s only female that carries the sack (belly) it’s in their best interest to be risk averse.

History is replete with girls dropping out of school due to pregnancy, and even with the accommodation of finishing school bearing that weight, the burden of caring for a child at such young age is unbearable. Grandma (granny) is no substitute for a mother and father to a child. The child is short changed and so is the young mother.

Society’s burden
There is a high probability of economic deprivation to mother and child for the rest of their lives. Never mind the few that breaks out of the mold and propagate the nonsense that they grew up in the ghetto or was raised by a single mom as if proof that that it was easy. In the vast majority of cases the mother herself in later life becomes a burden to others and the child if a female will likely repeat the mother’s error and if male ends up terrorizing society.

Death of ambition
Coming out of slavery the family unit primarily matriarchal was the bedrock of the Jamaican society. Black people looked up to those of lighter complexion as they had more economic wealth (thinking that riches was related to colour) and so encouraged their children to marry browning (partly why people bleach). In fact, even in families the brown ones were preferred above those with the darker hue.
The remarkable thing back then was that education was highly prized and parents would spend all they could muster on the oldest or brightest child knowing that that child would help up the others and the parents too.

When the common entrance examination (CEE) was introduced in 1957 by the Peoples National Party (PNP) it allowed 60% (later 70%) of places awarded to children from primary schools (largely from the working class). The thinking I believe was that parents who better planned their lives for children were at an advantage in the CEE, and so the process to dumb down society began. In 2015 the PNP decriminalize the possession of small quantities of ganja (marijuana) for personal use and that took care of a lot of young men as ambition went up in smoke.

Taxation and politics
Invariably, wealth creators didn’t do so that vote hunters can redistribute to the “less fortunate”. The Biden administration in the United States is bent on a wealth tax under the misguided notion that the rich must pay their fair share and it can’t and won’t happen because they have pricing power. Governments forget that the rich became that way largely by providing a benefit of some kind to society that is wanted, remove that incentive and they will sleep in like the poor and all of our standard of living will deteriorate.

The remarkable thing is that politicians have sought to protect their own wealth as revealed by the “Panama papers” and “Pandora papers” while they burden us with anti-money laundering laws and banking Gestapo; Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness with his St. Lucian company, Czech prime minister Andrej Babis use of offshore company to buy luxury French Riviera estate or Chilean President Sebastian Pinera for sale of a stake in a Chilean mining project through a company in the British Virgin Islands.

The lesson here is that politicians in the search for votes have pulled society down to mediocrity instead of build up to excellence. This week the USA is stunned by China’s test of hypersonic weapon, calling it a sputnik moment.

China does not have to be concerned about votes or student loans to educate their people.


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